Case Study

Full Scope Change Management


Our client had an existing performance management process that was overly complex and created a culture of “checking boxes” and incentivized behaviors that were counter to the desired company culture.


HCSC partnered with the HR team to assess the PM process’s current state through focus groups, interviews with stakeholders, and in-depth process review.  HCSC redesigned the PM system consistent with the organization’s values & incentivized a customer-first mindset. HCSC integrated, forward-thinking best practices centered around continuous feedback while honoring the organization’s desire for twice-yearly performance reviews. HCSC tied the entire process to the bonus structure.

Value Created

The client successfully executed a simplified performance review process at the end of 2020. This simplified process maximized the efficiency of business leaders to focus on high-business operations, while maintaining the essential performance conversations.

Corporate Responsibility​

We believe that diverse thinking and an inclusive work environment encourage human ingenuity. We put people at the center of everything we do, cultivating a culture of integrity.

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