Case Studies

HCSC partners with clients to provide meaningful solutions to business challenges. Learn more below.

A Nonprofit Engagement

One example of HCSC’s nonprofit sector work includes HCSC’s engagement with regional quasi-governmental entity.  HCSC’s engagement included the provision of a professional HR consultant to fill a vacant post leading the client’s Human Resources department.  During this engagement HCSC (among many other duties) administered all client benefits programs (including leading interactions with all third party benefits providers), provided complete employee relations and HR compliance support, facilitated staff training and development, and managed a complete revision to the client’s employee handbook.  HCSC reported directly to the client’s managing director and frequently interfaced with numerous members of the client’s executive management.

A Project in a Large Firm

A second example of HCSC service to clients comes from its work for a large corporation. Reporting to the client’s General Counsel and VP of Administration, HCSC completed a comprehensive audit and evaluation of the client’s human resources organization. This audit included an identification of organizational deficiencies, an analysis of the client’s human resources culture (as it related to serving internal clients), and an assessment of the existing HR organization’s alignment with the client’s overall mission. HCSC’s audit included consulting on various program improvements designed to drive the client’s desired organizational outcomes.

Government HR

HCSC has successful completed several projects for federal agency focused on an assessment of how the agency’s existing human resources team responded to and served internal clients. Reporting to the agency’s VP of Human Resources, and in coordination with several of the client’s executive managers, HCSC analyzed the client’s organizational structure relative to desired objectives and provided strategic recommendations for improvement.

Growth-Stage Business

HCSC presently provides comprehensive, outsourced human resource strategy and support to a growth-stage enterprise. HCSC’s work for this client includes strategic and tactical advisory services related to all manner of human resources issues. HCSC furthermore implements selected courses of action. These tasks have included (but are not limited to) training, oversight of benefits programs and related educational materials, coordination of benefits brokers and related vendors, management of all human resources compliance issues, and the provision of commercial human resources risk assessments and advice. HCSC reports directly to the client’s Chief Operations Officer and has frequent contact with the client’s senior leadership team.