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HCSC recognizes the unique needs of each individual organizations and provides project-based HR support capable of fulfilling any short-term HR requirement. Through a collaborative consulting approach, HCSC partners with you to identify your human capital project scope. We then apply our experience, systems, tools and knowledge to effectively frame and implement engagement objectives. From specific human capital expertise, to supporting critical internal HR projects, HCSC provides experienced resources who will ensure effective communication, project management, technical expertise, and meaningful results.

HR Consulting Services Address Key Organizational Needs

Change Management. After a business transformation, your organization is only as strong as your ability to adapt to and sustain change. Whether you’re navigating a merger, software implementation, or other organizational change, our team of change management experts will guide you to success. HCSC experts utilize formalized methodologies, tools and facilitation to help client organizations pivot at inflection points in growth, scale and maturity to align organizational culture and values for optimal impact.

Organizational Design. Consult leaders regarding how the organization should be structured to maximize attainment of goals and objective.  Our staff can help organizational leadership determine the people requirements of the business strategy and offer paths to build the workplace to support that vision. We will guide you through goal setting and establishing mission, vision, and values to cultivate the culture needed to achieve your objectives. HCSC also advises on post-acquisition department structure, roles and responsibilities, team formation and reporting relationships. 

HR Risk Mitigation. In service-based businesses, people are the biggest asset and expense. Let HCSC evaluate your organization’s current HR and hiring policies, programs, and practices to understand baseline risks. We will then help you prioritize human resource needs and objectives moving forward to manage risks associated with employment practices.

Compensation Analysis. Conduct compensation benchmarking, surveys, or analysis to help determine changes in compensation strategy, annual raises, merit increases or incentive compensation/bonuses. Our experienced HCSC staff an also provide comprehensive compensation analysis including pre/post acquisition recommendations, annual salary setting, organizational salary framework design/implementation and compensation philosophy creation.

Talent Development. HCSC seasoned experts will advise on employee career pathing including enhancing employee experience through formalized programs designed to harness employee contributions. We partner with your leadership to develop and facilitate high impact mentorship programs. We can conduct valuable Leadership assessment (using 360° feedback) as well as identifying High Potential (HiPo) employees for development and retention.

Total Rewards. To compete for top candidates, they must see your organization will invest in them. Determining the right total compensation package that is inticing, fair, competitive, and equitable is complex. HCSC seasoned leaders understand your industry and the trade-offs and will consult with you to create a comprehensive total rewards strategy. When implemented, this intentional financial, benefits, work culture, and developmental package will be a competitive differentiator for your business. Also, if your company’s growth strategy includes acquisitions, we can assist with comparing and merging compensation, benefits and other rewards in a smart way while managing costs and creating the most attractive total rewards system.

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