Driving Results

HCSC partners with businesses and organizations to provide human capital solutions. These activities create lasting positive impacts to organizational health.

Our clients gain efficiency and effectiveness through the development of their employees.


Human Resources Outsourcing

Clients frequently select HCSC to provide high quality human resources talent to support their organizational goals and objectives.  We build strong relationships with your employees and leaders, which results in seamless integration of human resources service delivery.  Through a combination of human capital tools, and industry best practices, HCSC is able to effectively facilitate the dynamic human resources functions required within any organization.

With consultants knowledge in benefits selection and administration, human resources compliance, recruitment and retention, talent management, training and development, employee relations, performance management and compliance, HCSC is the premier solution for organizations seeking an integrated approach to human resources outsourcing.

Human Resources Consulting

HCSC recognizes the unique needs of each individual organizations and provides project-based HR support capable of fulfilling any short-term HR requirement.  Through a collaborative consulting approach, HCSC partners with you to identify your human capital project scope.

We then apply our experience, systems, tools and knowledge to effectively frame and implement engagement objectives.  From specific human capital expertise, to supporting internal HR projects, HCSC provides resources who will ensure effective communication, project management, technical expertise, and meaningful results.

The following project categories are frequently addressed by HCSC consultants:


  • Benchmarking/Survey Analysis
  • Organizational compensation philosophy development and implementation
  • Base pay structures

Benefits Management

  • Partner with Broker to support all benefits related items
  • Benefits Review and Assessment
  • Benchmarking/Survey Analysis


  • Full lifecycle recruitment
  • HRIS selection, evaluation and implementation
  • Interviewing and selection training
  • On-boarding of employees
  • Exit Interview facilitation
  • Off-boarding of employees
  • Employee referral program management
  • Internship recruitment and facilitation of internship program


Performance Management

  • Performance appraisals
  • Implement Supervisor training to include:
  • Providing feedback
  • Written documentation and completion of standard appraisal form
  • Job descriptions development and management
  • Reward and recognition program development and management
  • Climate surveys

Change Management

  • Organizational culture and values alignment for optimal impact
  • Intellectual property and knowledge management
  • Process evaluation for greater efficiency and improvement
  • Strategic communication design and implementation


Organizational Effectiveness

  • Human capital planning to include strategic planning, vision and mission statements and goal-setting
  • Workforce Planning and competency development to identify critical roles and success factors tied to executing your organizational strategy
  • HR Audit to understand organizational needs and drive compliance requirements



Talent Management & Development

  • Employee engagement and empowerment
  • Workforce analytics to improve overall performance
  • Leadership assessment and development (using 360° feedback)
  • High Potential (HiPo) employee identification, development and retention
  • Succession planning
  • Career path and employee development program design
  • Onboarding and new leader assimilation for key executives
  • Employee and management training (based on organizational need)
  • Mentoring program development and facilitation

Partnering with HCSC Has Its Advantages...

  • Success in Human Resources Outsourcing.  HCSC has significant experience in Benefits Management, Human Capital Compliance, and Employee Relations. 
  • A Partner Positioned for the Long Term.   The HCSC team is committed to a relationship with clients that will deliver a long-term service with a value proposition based on a passion for finding value in every area of your organization.  
  • Relevant Experience.  HCSC manages client relationships having a wide range of corporate sizes, HR issues, and custom requirements.  This means that HCSC is experienced in a wide range of human resources needs and will draw upon that expertise to deliver immediate results.
  • Multifaceted Capabilities.  Benefits and compliance are just two dimensions of a comprehensive Human Capital management program.  HCSC’s experience in managing the full value chain of HR related issues – from establishing comprehensive policies, to training and development, to retention and succession planning – makes HCSC the single partner that can address all of your future human resources needs.