Our Clients


Small to Midsize Commercial

We assist a broad range of firms in defining and implementing human capital strategies. Young organizations require diligent HR practices to gain the competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. With growth comes challenges. HCSC has valuable experience in Human Resource Outsourcing in businesses in various stages.


HCSC has worked with federal agencies on human resource projects. HCSC has successfully completed several projects for a federal agency focused on an assessment of how the agency’s existing human resources team responded to and served internal clients.  

Large Corporations

HCSC has great experience with human resource consulting in large firms. Our company has helped large companies assess their human resources organization, and outline actionable steps for gaining efficiency. 

Non-Profit Organization

Our consultants work with non-profit organizations and quasi-governmental entities. Non-profits have unique challenges in areas such as compliance, and HCSC offers complete suite of consulting and outsourcing options.


At HCSC, we will provide a specific, skilled consultant with strengths reflective of your business needs. This placement flexibility allows us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations.